Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

‘India’s Superman’

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Once, my Grandfather asked me “Who is the President of India?” Honestly speaking I was a little backward in current affairs but I knew the answer to this one then. I answered promptly that it was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam I was happy. Then he said: “Great!!!! , Now tell me what is APJ?” That’s it. I didn’t see that coming. I said “I don’t know that” I frowned. That day he taught me that APJ stands for “Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen”.

First I was a little upset that I didn’t know what it stood for but later I was on top of the world because I knew the entire name of our beloved President of that time. Undoubtedly, India has lost one of her best, who has not only contributed to the country’s development but has also inspired all in one or another way. He was a true leader who was followed not only because of the power bestowed upon him but because of the humanitarian qualities he reflected.

Not all politicians of India would ever get the same love and respect that Dr. APJ has received and it’s a fact that all that was earned was by his very unique personality. All that respect shows how different he was from others. As I scroll down through my social networking sites, I could see how much he has influenced the world.

“Missile Man” that’s what I could hear a lot in the media. Well, he was indeed the backbone of our missile technology. I don’t prefer to call him that because he was not only our missile man. He influenced us in all walks of life that I feel to remember him as “India’s Superman”. He was the one who has made India’s missile technology into a reliable and upgraded system. A powerful defense system that makes out the country in a secure position among the world powers. Again when coming to space technologies, he has contributed so much to bring ISRO to the fame it has now. India’s ISRO stands proudly among other space research centers like NASA. He also had a very clear vision of the future. He adopted a very sincere method to achieve his vision of a better tomorrow, a better India. You might think what that method was?


He always spends time with the young minds of the country. He taught them to dream and to follow their dreams. He showed that anyone could reach the heights in-spite of all the hurdles that life had to come across. His very own life story is an inspiring one that all could look upon as a role model. All the glory and fame came upon him from a humble start. The best part is that he never gave up this humbleness throughout his entire life and that I believe is the secret mantra of his success. He never chose to differentiate people despite their differences.

All this has influenced the young people and this for sure will have its positive effects in the coming days. These positive ripples of inspiration will lead the younger generation to follow their dreams and this could take the country to a development that he has dreamt of. Dr. APJ has molded up an everlasting inspiration that lives on even after his demise and that is not something you see every day. Dr. APJ can be proud that he was a wonderful human being which is beyond all the glories of the world.